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Ivona 2 Brain Voice Free Download in 2020

Ivona 2 Brain Voice

Still looking for Ivona 2 Software and Brain Voice included in it?

You are on right place, if you are still interested in downloading it then open the link from below.

Ivona 2 Brain Voice

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Nowadays, almost anybody has technologically advanced hardware (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and uses it at home, school or work. It can be said that those are critical gadgets that help in communication, broadening one’s understanding and imparting entertainment.

However, there may be a set of people for whom exploring the arena of computer systems and Internet may be problematic.

These are people with visible impairments or human beings with different disabilities like speech impairments. Text-to-speech and specialized software program that reads aloud text from a laptop screen is a particularly beneficial answer for these companies of computer users.

How to Download it?

  • Make sure you turn of antivirus before download it.
  • Three files will be given to you, one is ivona software with voices, Second one is crack file of Brain Voice and thrid one is Balabolka.
  • Download and install Ivona software and put Brain Voice ivona_sapi5_voice_v1.6.60.dll in Ivona Directory where x64 files existed, put it in x64 files. ( It would be in Program files of your windows drive).
  • Downloading Balabolka is mandatory as this method would not work without it.


• Clear and naturally-sounding IVONA TTS 22 kHz voices

• TTS voices available in 32/64-bit versions

• SAPI 5 interface support

• Simple installation and activation

• Automatic updates

Hardware requirements

Windows, 1 GHz, 512MB RAM.

Software is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.X, Windows 10. Windows RT is not supported.

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